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Is Elon Musk the most influential person of 2018?

Carlos Carmona, Staff Writer

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Many people might know Elon Musk as the person who helped make the Tesla vehicle and also the time he placed a Tesla into space. Along with those amazing feats he has done some of these have come during the beginning of 2018 and his future endeavors for the year will only propel his influence.

To start of with some of his smaller inventions, was a flamethrower sold by his company called The Boring Company which was a bit odd since it’s a company that deals with infrastructure and tunnel construction. The demand for flamethrowers are apparently high since they sold out and will be shipping out in the Spring. According to the site 20,000 flamethrowers have been sold.

One of his biggest accomplishments of the year so far has to be the launch of the Falcon Heavy which was carrying a Tesla vehicle aboard to drift into space. In an article by The Washington Post titled “Space X successfully launches the worlds most powerful rocket, The Falcon Heavy” the article gets the opinions of some very influential people. John Logsdon, a historian and founder of the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University stated “revival of the exploring spirit”. And he wasn’t wrong, many others are on his side such as Lori Garver, a deputy administrator at NASA stated “I think this could end up being really the savior of NASA and deep space exploration.

His most recent project by The Boring Company is probably the one that would affect the most people, an underground tunnel in LA titled “Loop” In an article by Newsweek, it stated that Musk’s underground tunnel is nearly complete and will be giving pedestrians free demo rides. Once it has been completed it will “Always give priority to pods for pedestrians and cyclists for less than the cost of a bus ticket” as stated by Musk. The tunnel will be 2.7 miles and run through Los Angeles and Culver City.

Elon Musk certainly is a visionary and an eccentric individual. With his future prospects in the pipeline and the ones in his head he seems to be the most influential person of the year thus far, with his companies like SpaceX and The Boring Company leading the way.

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Is Elon Musk the most influential person of 2018?