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Evita finishes run at GWC

GWC Theater Department

GWC Theater Department

Spencer Otte, Entertainment Editor

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Former first lady of Argentina, Eva Peron, once said that her “…biggest fear in life was to be forgotten.” At almost 70 years since her death, that fear has still not come to pass. Director Martie Ramm told Eva’s story on the Golden West stage with her production of Evita.

Due to the difficult and vocally taxing nature of the role, two actresses (Kalinda Gray and Ally Teeples) were cast as Eva- the two switching out nightly. Teeples (who was performing the night this reporter was in attendance) wonderfully portrayed the complex nature of the controversial figure. While Eva did some good in her homeland, the play suggests that it was not ideological, but rather for personal gain. Patrick Rowley plays Che Guevara with a cynical, sarcastic wit- righteous indignation bubbling right beneath the surface as he feels he is the only one who sees Eva as the fraud that he believes her to be. As Juan Peron, Steve DeForest was able to perfectly play up both Peron’s charm, as well as his opportunism.

The musical follows Eva’s rise to power, from impoverished peasant, to actress, until her death as a major figure in Argentinian politics. The vocal performances were impressive. Peronism is a complex and ill-defined political ideology, illustrated to great effect during many of the musical numbers- as Teeples and DeForest sing for the betterment of the working class, the ensemble chants the president’s name menacingly, as jack-booted thugs beat up political dissidents. Although the play makes it clear that the marriage between Eva and Juan was far from perfect, their final scene together is nonetheless heartbreaking.

Evita ran from April 27-May 6. The next performance on the Golden West stage will be Dracula, which opens October 5.

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Evita finishes run at GWC