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A grown-up summer

Carlos Munoz, Staff Writer

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There’s nothing like the feeling of summer in California; the feeling of the warm breezy mellow wind going through the waves of your hair, a sunset that never seems to die but only gives the day more life, truly a paradise.

However, as college students, we no longer can just sit around and chill to enjoy summer as we once did. We are still students but, now we have a life full of responsibilities that we must take care of to keep progressing. So while we plan on having endless bonfires, super cool parties, and extremely cool adventures, these activities are now limited to us because of the tasks we must meet in order to be ready for the upcoming fall semester.

For example, working a full time or part time job, taking a summer course for extra units, or having an internship is key in order to go into the next semester ready either financially or with more experience. Even if you don’t need to do such tasks this summer, you might just want to try one and keep yourself busy.

Another wise thing to do this summer would be to spend as much time with your family as possible. Let’s face it, as full time students and adults, it’s hard during the fall to see family. Especially for those of you who study far from home. Don’t take all this free time with your loved one’s for granted, and share a smore with them. Summertime is truly the perfect time to catch up on old memories and make new ones.

Whatever you do this summer Rustlers, have the time of your life. Live it up each day, chase the sun, and the chill with the breeze, however, stay focused on the big picture – your diploma.

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A grown-up summer