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What we know (or don’t know) about our student body government

Celina Lopez, Contributing Writer

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Presidential election season has come and gone here at Golden West College, and as a result, we now have a new president. Until last semester, I was completely unaware that GWC has a student body government; and honestly it is a little disheartening to know elected officials can hold power without so much as a student led discussion panel. What exactly does the president, or any student body government official, do for the school? How do they help improve the campus? What are their main concerns? What platform do they run on? I do not have an answer to any of these questions, as I was, and I’m sure a majority of students on campus were as well, left in the dark when it came to the campus’ student body government and their elections.

That being said, I in no way want to place blame solely on the president for students not being well informed; as I’m sure it has to do with student body government as a whole; as well as the lack of representation, and probably lack of interest, that happens on campus that results in lack of knowledge of these events. A lot of students do not seem to have any interest in student body government. However, in light of recent worldly politics, I believe it is important to know what is going on not only on national level, but also locally— even if that means starting somewhere small, such as GWC campus’ politics.

As a GWC student, I would like to be informed on what my elected peers are doing to improve campus; how they help students; and how exactly they implement change. Although, I do not believe student body government, nor the campus as whole, are willing to put in that extra bit of work to get other students actively involved in campus politics. Hopefully this next student government administration can help change that.

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What we know (or don’t know) about our student body government