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Crime blotter – the week of May 7

Andrew Kine, Staff Writer

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Golden West College was fortunate in March, with only two non-swap meet incidents of serious import.

The less serious of the pair was on March 7, when officer Aaron Justice was called to the aid of a faculty member who was being stalked on-campus, and who had been the subject of violence from said stalker off-campus. Please do not confuse this with the injury which occurred in the theater building on the same date, which officer Justice also handled. They were not the same individual.

The more serious incident happened March 14, when a 911 call went out from the Edinger parking lot. Officer Annie Nguyen appears to have come to the aid of female student, who it appears was transported off the campus for medical reasons. If you, or someone you care for, are having suicidal or self-injurious thoughts, please seek aid immediately.
The many flyers and posters around campus with “Q.P.R.” on them are there to help people in need like this woman.

April was a bit more hazardous, particularly if you were seeking to get around. Two bicycle thefts, four hit & run automotive incidents, one vehicle hitting a pedestrian, and two incidents of malicious mischief against cars.
Outside of vehicular incidents, the most serious reported incident on the campus was on April 18, when a faculty member from the Kaplan International contingent received a note containing criminal threats involving or directed towards a student.

An incident of harassment occurred outside of a women’s restroom inside of the Learning Resource Center on April 4, with a possible male student targeting someone who was definitely a Golden West student.

Vehicle vs. pedestrian happened the morning of April 26; it was reported “without injury” due to the pedestrian disappearing without police contact. A second hit & run that morning was found on camera footage afterwards. One more hit & run happened sans injury on April 18, while the 4th event was during the swap meet on April 15.

On April 29, the right rear window of a 2002 Acura (white) was broken by unknown persons. No report of lost possessions ensued.

Please remember that campus security, the officers of the Public Safety Department, are on-call 24 hours, 7 days a week. Not just during the hours in which their building is open for business.

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Crime blotter – the week of May 7