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A feel of music

Carlos Munoz, Staff Writer

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We’ve all seen art, but have you heard it in its purest form? Music to the ears is more than just something we can hear. It is something we can feel deep within our memories of the past, present and future.
Music is an art that has so many types of variations. It comes in all beats and bases. However, what never changes is the way it brings so many people together from all different type of backgrounds and ethnicities. A truly one of a kind art that has no boundaries, because even if a tune is in a different language, then there is a chance you’ll enjoy the tune for the way it sounds.

What is more amazing, that when you attend huge music festivals such as Coachella, EDC, and Day N Night you’ll run into so many people you’d never think would be into the same taste as you. However that is only part of the feel behind music.

Music enhances our moments to be even more special, whether you are at a music festival jamming to the hype of ASAP Rocky , at home chillin’ to the smoothness of Coldplay, at the club dancing all night to the sound of J Balvin or falling in love with the love of your life to the sound of Frank Ocean. Regardless if it is negative or a positive effect, it doesn’t matter what, music will always enhance every single moment.
Personally my taste in music is all over the place. It varies depending on the situation in which I am in. It changes from being with friends, to being alone thinking, with someone I like, doing something I really enjoy, or doing something I really dislike. However the influence of the art behind music is always present. It can either make me happy, sad, motivated or thoughtful

Because of this I believe that no taste in music is wrong. Instead I believe it tell us a lot behind the feelings and emotions of others. It is a way that people can express themselves without directly telling the world their exact issues, yet having that deep understanding connection through the emotions being created within every individual. Music is an art we have been blessed with. It’s art I hope I can listen to forever, because only then will my forever be enhanced to be sweeter than a forever without the sweet sound music.

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A feel of music