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McGrath follows in Bryan’s footsteps

Tim McGrath will take over Wes Bryan's position as Golden West president.

Tim McGrath

Tim McGrath will take over Wes Bryan's position as Golden West president.

Casey N. Wilson, Editor-in-chief

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Tim McGrath of San Diego’s Mesa College will be stepping up as Golden West’s new president as announced on March 21.

“I’m really looking forward to working with the entire campus community and I feel that one of the key aspects of understanding the campus is through face-to-face meetings which I feel is the best way to get to know someone,” McGrath said of his new position. “I’m looking forward to building strong relationships with the campus and I feel strongly that as a leader of a college campus that I need to be a good listener. I’ve heard amazing things about Golden West College and I’m very anxious to join the team as we help students succeed.”

Wes Bryan, our current president said: “Tim has been a Vice President of Instruction for nine years, which is the same position I came from as well. It is his first Presidency which was the same for me. So we had that same excitement in common. So Tim’s instructional background will serve the college well, in supporting a new VPI.

“I first met Tim at the Board meeting, where the announcement of his appointment was made,” Bryan continued. “Two weeks later, we had a full afternoon meeting to get acquainted and to begin transition planning. This affords us both a unique opportunity to plan together, next steps, because this is the time in the life of a president where many decisions are made for the following academic year. Having two sets of eyes on these issues is a luxury, not often afforded the exiting president and the incoming president. I feel fortunate.”

The search for a new president was an arduous, months long process put together by a committee of various Coastline Community College District faculty, staff, employees, representatives and board district members. The vote for McGrath was unanimous. All those involved with the search signed non-disclosure agreements and would not comment for this story.

“Tim McGrath is an experienced leader who brings a strong record of innovation to Golden West College,” district Chancellor John Weispfenning said in a news release published by the district. “I’m looking forward to having Tim as a member of our leadership team.”

But according to the Mesa Press, the student newspaper at San Diego Mesa College, McGrath received a vote of ‘no confidence’ eight years ago. He was the first vice president of instruction in the college’s history to have this vote against him by the school’s Academic Senate. A vote of no confidence is a vote to say that one does not support the leader and disagree with their actions. Several members of the academic affairs committee expressed disagreement with the vote; the sense of committe was that they confidence in McGrath and had worked well with him since his arrival. Members also expressed that he had consulted often with faculty and staff members, and had incorporated faculty ideas and concerns several times in decision-making and planning.

At the time, McGrath explains that this was his first year from a different college, and that Mesa College’s “culture” is something he needs to adjust to.

“In education, we live under a system called shared governance,” McGrath told the paper. “The faculty has steps they can take in letting the administration know how they feel. They’re letting me know that there are some things I need to change.”

When asked about the ‘no confidence vote,’ McGrath declined to comment.
He will begin

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McGrath follows in Bryan’s footsteps