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Women swim for OEC championship

Carlos Carmona, Staff Writer

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Gold West College upcoming OEC championship swim meet is a few weeks away which means the Golden West swim team has been hard at work preparing for the meet. Matt Flesher, coach of the women’s swim team has been coaching Golden West College for two years, and always had a passion for swim. Competed up through high school and into college where he attended UCLA and competed in water polo. During his time in UCLA they won NCAA twice and competed in the championship game three times.

When asked what his team is doing to prepare for the OEC meet, Flesher stated “you build the entire year, obviously endurance and technical proficiency and swimming, and then at the end of the year we get involved what’s called a taper, to where we have peak performance for the OEC”

When asked how he thinks women’s swim is doing this semester compared to last, Flesher said “I think were doing better, we have some strong athletes, we have more girls on team, which has been great”Flesher said about good swimmers. “I think you need to be dedicated to the process, putting the time in to gain your cardiovascular fitness, to gain technique, tactical and technical proficiency”

Rheanna Lawrence attended Lakewood High and has been swimming for 10 years and has been swimming for Golden West College for two years but has been swimming club for three years. Her passion came from her mom, she was a swimmer herself and got her involved into summer swim lessons.

When asked what she is doing to prepare for the OEC meet, she said “just the taper and then just mentally focusing on what I need to do and what times I need to do and what pace I need to have.”

Some of her own personal goals are more to drop times and to have fun. As she said herself is she doesn’t get to state but ends up doing really well on her times, that will be the positive.

Lawrence said “We’re (our team) is pretty tight, I think supporting wise we are always there for each other”

Vanessa Cruz attended Fountain Valley High and has been swimming since third grade. Cruz is a freshman at Golden West College. She never knew she wanted to be into swim until her sister pushed her and motivated her into it

When asked what she is doing to prepare for the OEC meet, she said “just started tapering this week, that just means we are going to start bringing down the sets and making sprints so we can get more endurance for it and just prepare for it in general” As for her personal goals, she said “I really want to make it to states.”

Her sister Melissa Cruz was an inspiration, as said by Cruz it was a bit of a rivalry and also getting revenge for her sister on the people who beat her. She elaborated on her sister and the inspiration she is to her, Cruz said “ I feel like she is, in a way we have that sister rivalry, I want to beat her, she wants to beat me so when she was here she was really close to qualifying for states but she missed it by a couple seconds, and I’m swimming the exact same events that she swam so its kind of like I have to beat her so I can say “I’m going to swim it for the both of us and ill be able to get revenge on those who beat you” She also elaborated and stated that her sister attended all of her meets.

The women’s swim next meet is April 19th will be the OEC championship meet. It will be held at Riverside City College.

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Women swim for OEC championship