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Tinder, love and care for yourself.

Jewel Dayoan, Staff Writer

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Throughout life, I have been a pretty active member of the single and forever alone club. Last year, I decided to journey out of my humble abode and branch onto the new world of dating: Tinder. Now the general consensus being, “Tinder is for desperate people” strikes a nerve, but in all honesty, who cares? Apparently, no one.  The second I clicked ‘download’ in the App Store, my perception changed. I wasn’t embarking on this journey to establish a solid relationship, nor did I see myself desperate enough to drown in the waters of Tinder standards. It was for the pure fun and curiosity of what Tinder, may have brought to my life.

When hearing the words ‘dating app,’ there is always a negative connotation. It leads society to believe that people have lost the ability to venture out into the real world to find love. In reality, people aren’t just looking for that, “good time, not a long time” hookup, but are unknowingly finding themselves in an actual commitment.

Our generation is so stuck to our virtual love lives to the point that approaching someone at your local coffee shop isn’t so much a cliche, but outdated.We live in a culture where casual hookups and ‘catfishes’ are trending out in the sea of social media, making it quite hard to find that special someone, especially during cuffing season. To clarify, no it’s not the season to be arrested, but the season to cuff your other half, your constant in the crazy.

However, through my time of being a potential Tinder match, I realized that Tinder is basically a plug for those who desire to fulfill their empty voids, especially the voids of a broken heart. When my friends and I jumped into the dating app world, we didn’t realize how much we lost our independence and mostly, our self-importance. Days became more about searching for the next match, and what they had in store for us.

These Tinder guys were the key to making us fall into the pressures of having to impress, just to keep them. It shouldn’t be about the games, flash or the stress that people endure just to impress, nor should it be about having someone love you, so you feel “whole.”  using that possible fake love (no Drake pun-intended) to make you feel better about yourself, only leads to further heartbreak.

So this Valentine’s Day, go ahead, cuff someone up, and do whatever your little college student heart desires, but don’t let Cupid’s  arrow decide where your love lies, as it should be on one’s self.

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Tinder, love and care for yourself.