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ASGWC making improvements

The ASGWC Executive Council members are hard at work in their offices trying to make a difference for the students of Golden West College

The ASGWC Executive Council members are hard at work in their offices trying to make a difference for the students of Golden West College

The ASGWC Executive Council members are hard at work in their offices trying to make a difference for the students of Golden West College

Evelyn Shannen, ASGWC Vice President of Public Affairs

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No matter if the semester has only ended or begun, the Associated Students of Golden West College Executive Student Council are hard at work. Each member of this council is constantly coming up with new projects and ideas to help the students of Golden West College have a more enjoyable and safe experience on and off campus.

ASGWC Executive Vice President, Madrid Ruiz, has been working hard this past semester and continues to strive towards making the campus a better place. Ruiz runs the Student Senate where representatives from the different standing committees who want to become better student leaders learn how to make an extended imapct at Golden West College. Ruiz also holds different Senate workshops along with one student leader to discuss different events that can be held to spread awareness, such as the ‘Don’t Think Pink’ event held in November where they helped people learn more about breast cancer. His impact on Golden West College continues to grow as he begins his work on Teacher of the Year nominations and the current Student Government orientations.

“My team this past semester had accomplished so much, and we will continue moving forward with bigger projects,” says ASGWC Vice President of Finance, Salvador Jr Cerda-Rodriguez.

The ASGWC Finance committee has had a numerous amount of projects taking place in the last semester such as re-allocating the end of the year balance to the non-funded and underfunded ASGWC accounts, taking action on funding the water bottle refilling stations to create a sustainable campus and lastly taking action on supporting the new idea of the ASGWC stipend project that our ASGWC Executive President, Nuran Alteir, is spearheading.

Alteir, who has served in ASGWC since Fall 2016, said she’s also working on a few projects to better serve students at Golden West College. One such project is an effort to make student representation on campus committees more accessible.

“Students have the right to sit at the table where important decisions are made,” Alteir said. “I’m working with ASGWC advisors to create a Web page that describes these opportunities, gives students a chance to sign up and allows student government to better connect students with entities that drive change on this campus.”

Campus committees currently in need of student representation include College Technology; Facilities, Safety, & Land Development; and Recruitment to Completion. Students interested in being a representative on these or other committees may sign up online.

“I want to start personally meeting and collaborating with club leaders and representatives to address their club needs and ensure that they are given the resources necessary for a successful and fulfilling semester,” says Jenna Hirao, ASGWC Vice President of Club Affairs, who has hit the ground running in her new position. Hirao has been working with the Office of Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness to collect data that documents the top majors declared from the past five years in an attempt to gain a better outlook of what honor societies bring to campus since they are often categorized by subject manner/major. Her next step is to network across campus and gain student interest to formally bring these societies to GWC.

Many of the different committees and council members in the ASGWC are hard at work to create the best campus atmosphere and community. There are numerous opportunities for any individual on campus to help with these projects as well by simply attending any informational ASGWC Orientation from Feb. 12 to Feb 15 to see how you can make a difference on campus.

ASGWC Committee\Council meeting times:

  • Activities Committee: Mondays 1:15PM-2:15PM
  • Finance Committee: Wednesdays 12:10PM-1:10PM
  • Publicity Committee: Thursdays 12PM-1PM
  • Student Interest Committee: Mondays 12PM-1PM
  • Sustainability Committee: Fridays 11AM-12PM
  • Executive Council: Fridays 1PM-3:30PM

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ASGWC making improvements