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Cafeteria suffers vermin violations three times since July

Drew Dena, Opinion Editor

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When the routine inspection performed by Orange County Health Care Agent, John Wolent turned up with numerous sightings of rodent droppings in 15 separate locations which included the kitchen stove top, underneath the main ice machine and the shelves located near the soda dispenser. The inspector was unavailable for comment. Since the initial incident in July, the amount of visible rodent droppings has gone down but there are still enough to have caused two additional kitchen closures in the month of November. When student Julio Cruz was asked about the current rodent infestation he said, “It sucks that we have to deal with this right now and they had to close down, but I really hope they improve their health standards” and when asked if he would continue eating at the campus cafeteria his quick response was, “Yes.”

The cafeteria is the primary dining option for many students on campus so when word reached about the rodent infestation, the first point of contact was S and B Foods Gourmet Solutions which is at the helm of food service for Golden West College. When attempts were made to contact S and B foods, it seemed impossible. There is no direct listing for them on the GWC website or even google, but if one calls the GWC call center they will be patched through. However, the chances of reaching someone are slim and when greeted by the answering machine there is no name left as the point of contact. This is troubling or at least should be. Who exactly is in charge of the Cafeteria? Another mention from the Health Inspector report was that there was no Food Manager Card, a minor infraction, but when the fact that S and B Foods is hard to contact, flags should be raised. Again, since July the cafeteria has had three separate closures do to a rodent infestation – why was the problem not completely eradicated prior to reopening the cafeteria?

The fact of the matter is that students have enough stress at the end of the semester and shouldn’t have to worry about a sanitary dining facility, nor should they have to jump through hoops in order to find out who it is that is in charge of providing them their meals. It is evident that changes need to be made. . The cafeteria was re-opened after an inspection for good standing was performed on November 29.

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Cafeteria suffers vermin violations three times since July